Berkeley Orthodontics woman with braces

1. At what age should the first orthodontic visit occur?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children have orthodontic screening by age 7. For severe crowding and skeletal facial growth problems, preventive guidance can begin as early as age 5. Your Dentist or Pedodontist can advise you of this need. You can always bring in your child for a complementary orthodontic evaluation at Solano Smile.

 2. What are the advantages of early treatment when some baby teeth are still present?

There is a time period at age 7, 8 or 9 where correction of crowding and facial growth problems can be treated to achieve a more stable result with a better facial profile. Normally during this time no baby teeth are being lost and the facial growth is strong.

3. What are early signs of Orthodontic need?

  • a. Thumb, finger and pacifier sucking.
  • b. Excessive wear or breakage of deciduous teeth.
  • c. Premature loss of baby teeth and drift of teeth.
  • d. Open-mouth breathing habits.
  • e. Incorrect facial profile.
  • f. Underbite, crossbite and excessive overbite.

4. Do you treat adults?

Adults make up a large percentage of our practice. Orthodontic treatment for adults is increasingly common and is highly effective for esthetics, TMJ complications, bruxing (grinding your teeth) and general dental health. Many adults who were treated as children come to us for treatment of orthodontic relapse, after retainers were discontinued.

5. What about pain?

We utilize very light force wires and gradually increase arch wire sizes to minimize tooth pressure. Premedication for visits with mild analgesics may be indicated for some patients. Some adults never have pain.

6. How long should retainers be worn?

The retainers are worn full time for the first year. They are then worn at night for 8/9 hours for as long as I can influence it.

7. Financing

  • Initial fee and monthly payments.
  • We also offer Care Credit, which allows for short term interest free payments or long-term low interest payment options without a down payment.