The day your braces come off you are only half done with treatment.

The second half of treatment is keeping your teeth straight for the rest of your life. The retainers hold your teeth in their finished positions. Those things that can cause teeth to relapse are the natural mandibular growth and the resulting dental “compensation” throughout lifetime, abnormal tongue – lip and facial musculature habits and teeth that were previously rotated or severely mal-positioned. Pressure from third molars (wisdom teeth) maybe a contributing factor though it has not been strongly supported within the scientific literature. We treat many of these problems to prevent or minimize relapse. Of course, relapse would be more likely as a result of improper or insufficient retainer wear. We want your teeth to be beautiful and healthy for a lifetime. We will do our best for our patients and expect the same from our patients!

We are concerned about the long-term stability of your beautiful teeth and correct bite. We use a variety of retainer options based on individual patient needs, including wire and acrylic type and clear retainers. Occasionally, we also use fixed bonded retainers. Since this type of retainers make it more difficult to clean your teeth and can act as a food trap, we do not routinely place them.

Here’s to a lifetime of beautiful, healthy teeth!

Solano Smile Orthodontics – Dr. Ramtin Nassiri.