Orthodontics Just For You

Orthodontic Treatment Philosophy

You want a wonderful, happy smile and that means we are always aware that your orthodontic correction must achieve the best possible facial results as well as aligning your teeth for a beautiful, healthy smile. Solano Smile is happy to provide complete orthodontic services to both adults and children. Our treatment modalities include fixed appliances (braces), removable appliances (retainer type appliances), surgical orthodontics (braces and jaw surgery), and Invisalign (clear removable aligners).

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The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that an Orthodontic evaluation take place at the age of 7 for all children. Many dental and facial growth problems can be helped and sometimes prevented through early orthodontic examination and treatment. This could include various forms of tooth guidance for better eruption of teeth and interceptive help for harmful habits of the tongue, lips, cheeks, thumbs and pacifiers. An early exam will allow a diagnosis to determine if treatment is indicated and the time when it should be done.

Early treatment, called Phase I, may be indicated for crowded teeth or jaw skeletal imbalance causing excess overbite, under-bite or cross-bite. Significant changes can be made, in some cases, to avoid extractions of permanent teeth for crowding. In other cases jaw surgery to correct the bite and facial profile can be avoided. Early treatment Phase I is usually done at 7, 8 or 9 years of age when there are half baby teeth and half permanent teeth present. This is almost always followed up with additional treatment called Phase II when the permanent teeth are erupted at the average age 12 years. Two-phase treatment is done to achieve a better face (skeletal balance), a better, more stable occlusion (bite), less extraction, and that fantastic smile!

Our practice encompasses all possible orthodontic and maxillary-facial orthopedic procedures. These range from moving a single tooth to comprehensive treatment in conjunction with jaw surgery repositioning and aligning the jaws to correct the bite and the face. Well-aligned teeth are healthier as they are easier to clean and contribute to less tooth decay, and gum disease. A correct bite helps prevent excess wear and breakage of teeth. A bad bite can help initiate TMD (tempero-mandibular joint disease) or can exacerbate the existing symptoms. Orthodontics can help reduce or eliminate some “TMJ” problems.